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Transforming Loneliness into Solitude

When God created mankind, He decided that man should not be completely alone, and thus, Eve was formed. When the disciples were commanded to preach to the world, they were sent off in pairs of two. Humans are social beings. We are not meant to rejoice alone or to struggle alone, “Rejoice with those who

​Why do I feel like God isn’t there?

“If we keep ourselves in the presence of God we shall neither think nor say nor do what is wrong, convinced as we are that God is the witness of all the thoughts and words and actions” + Saint John Chrysostom In the presence of God the whole world dwells, for even the numbers of

Walking with God in the World

Oh Lord, why have I forsaken you for the world?   Holding the hand of God daily and looking up at Him, oh how beautiful a sight that would be. Then trying to show Him the other hand filled with the world and He immediately disappears. Wouldn’t that bring you great sorrow? Enough to push


The idea of boundaries is something we, as modern 21st century humans, have tried to do away with. And who could blame us? If boundaries, by definition, are limitations to where we go, who we see, and what we pursue, does that not go against our grain? Did our parents and grandparents not cross geographical

I Don’t Love Jesus and That’s Okay

When Christ asks St. Peter, “Do you love Me?” I always thought it was a dumb question. Because if Christ asked me if I loved Him, my answer would be something along the lines of, “yeah duhhhhh”. I am after all a front-row deacon(FRD™), Sunday school servant, checking all the boxes of the ideal Christian.

Living the Feasts of our Lord in Daily Life

“Every step of our Christian life is inseparably related to the fundamental dogmas of our Faith”.[1] There are two ways you can live the Lords feasts daily. The first is living the feasts through the Church’s Liturgical Calendar. The second is living the feasts through participation in Liturgy. It is not just the actual Divine


What is discipleship? To begin looking at the topic of discipleship we must first define the term within both the secular and Christian senses. Within the secular world, a disciple is defined to be a “follower and student of a mentor, teacher, or other figure” and this gives us an image of what a disciple

Unified Life of Prayer

St. Paul the Apostle tells all Christians to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). A seemingly simple thing to do since he doesn’t go into any detail at all as to how we are supposed to do this. How are we supposed to do this? How can I, while talking to my friend, pray to

Christ in the Coronavirus

Every late December routinely brings us all to a point of reevaluation and reassessment. We may ask ourselves a series of questions: how is my life different than it was last year? What went well/poorly for me this year? It may also bring with it a sense of awe at how quickly another year has

Self-Improvement and Ambition

Self Improvement & Ambition – aka new year new me If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going to rediscover your list of New Year’s Resolutions, realize that you’ve accomplished none of them (maybe one or two if you had a good year) and make a naive but definitive claim that “next year is going