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You Reap What You Sow

What is the difference between God’s will and reaping what you sow? How can you possibly know when the will of God is leading your life vs. a consequence of the fruit of your crop. I think it honestly comes down to the amount of effort and the actions you put into your life. But

Thief in the Night

“Thief in the Night” In prison, St. Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write to the church in Thessalonica about the 2nd Coming of Christ. The coming that isn’t in the slightest similar to the 1st coming. St. Paul proceeds saying, “For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so

Finding Refuge in God

Earlier this month, New Jersey was hit by Hurricane Ida. No one expected the hurricane to come when it did or be as severe as it was. Students received warnings from the National Weather Service: The warning stated, “National Weather Service: TORNADO WARNING in this area until 8:15 PM EDT. Take shelter now in a


Since we are now starting the new school year, it makes sense to talk about the one topic everyone wants to talk about but never actually apply: discipline.  So Why Discipline? Simply put, we need to talk about discipline because without discipline, you will never truly be free. Freedom and discipline go hand in hand.

Mastering Time Management

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” (Henry David Thoreau).    I don’t know who exactly is reading this, but I’m going to try to describe your life as best I can: you live in a grey area of busyness and priorities. On one

How can an individual cause change in the world?

I think many of us have answered this question academically, however, rarely is this question answered from a Christian point of view.  After all, tackling this question should be one of our main priorities, Christ commanded us to be “lights of the world” and St. Paul further affirmed us to “walk as children of light”(Mat


“Comparison is the thief of joy” -President Theodore Roosevelt Each person’s life is completely unique; everyone reaches different stages of life at different times, and prayers get answered at different times and in different ways. When the people around you reach their milestones or have their prayers answered before you, it may seem hopeless or

Evangelism in Everyday Life

“Do you have a minute to hear about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?” Ah yes, it’s a magical phrase often giving the effect of making people walk away from you as quickly as possible. Evangelism in the modern world is a difficult task, especially in our increasingly secular world. People’s ears are no longer

Comparative Theology

“The whole Christian world is anxious to see the church unite…We are convinced that Christian unity is the wish of our Lord Jesus Christ”[1] -HH Pope Shenouda III GENERAL CHRISTIANITY Our Lord revealed one of His goals very early in His ministry when He acknowledged Himself as fulfilling this portion of prophecy from Isaiah: “…He

Overcoming Fear

You Can’t Overcome Fear   Fear is a feeling that every human being experiences. There are sensible things that some find scary, such as the dark, heights, spiders, and so on. Others are scared of potential incidences, such as death, or being attacked by a ferocious animal. Some of these things are natural fears that