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Starting a New Semester

As we start the new school year a beautiful story to reflect on is in the Gospel of Luke in chapter 7 verses 36-50 which is the story of the repentant woman. One of the most beautiful things that our Lord reveals to us in this story is how to reflect the love that He

Surrendering the Anchor of Stress to God

This week, and the weeks leading up to it, may evoke feelings of stress and anxiety in many of us as we all try to work our hardest to pull our grades up and finish off strong. But with the end of the semester approaching, it also becomes an opportunity for us to assess how

Victory Through Our Lord Jesus Christ

As we have all seen and witnessed in the glorious Holy Week and Feast of the Resurrection, God loves each and every one of us in a way that we may never be able to comprehend as we live our lives on earth. Sometimes, His love can be extremely difficult for us to understand in

Being In Need Of Christ

There is a story of a monk who would keep a baby picture of himself nearby, so that when he prayed, he would look to God and tell Him, “Lord, I am still this young child who can do nothing on his own.” This kind of complete reliance on our Heavenly Father is what He

Benefitting From Lent

Great Lent is a beautiful season in the Coptic Orthodox Church and an opportune time to work on our spiritual lives. Fortunately for us, the Church tells us exactly what steps to take in order for our relationship with God to grow and flourish. In every Lent liturgy, deacons chant the following: “Blessed are those

How To Pray

As a servant, I was walking with my Sunday school kids to our classroom where we have the meeting and as we were settling in I asked who wanted to lead prayer so we could start on time. Not a single hand was raised. I always wondered why until I took a look at my

Glass Half Empty- Sacrifice

As these words on your phone/computer screen glare back at you while ten other open tabs impatiently await your attention, there are a hundred other things on your mind. And I am not just referring to school-related responsibilities. In addition to prioritizing your studies, you may be contemplating how to tell your parents you want

Social Media

Social media has quickly become a major part of our society and of our personal lives. It has an enormous impact on how we perceive ourselves, making our lives much more open for the public. Social media breaks down barriers between people which can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it.

Two Realities

We are called to be the children of God, the light of the world and the salt of the earth. But when it really comes to it, we feel that we’re normal people trying to fit in with everyone around us. We forget that we live in the world but don’t belong to the world.


As college students, we are unfortunately all too familiar with the concept of burnout. Our professors give us seemingly endless piles of homework and assignments, our osra leaders have an infinite amount of kids that need outreach, and our parents never run out of chores that must be accomplished… the list goes on. A simple