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Choosing Words Wisely

What Did You Just Say to Me? It is offensive, really. It is offensive how I can use my words to pray and then curse someone that cuts me off on the road. It is offensive when I go to Church and say, “we have ​them​ (our hearts) with the Lord” then go to school

Going Away From Sin

Closing the Door on Sin Closing the door on sin is probably one of the hardest things a Christian does in their lives. And being “sinful” in the Coptic community is probably the second hardest thing in a Christian’s life. Even if we wanted to close the door on sin, God knows we can’t do

God’s Will

What does God Want Me to Do? In every stage of life, especially around the time of college, we are faced with making major life decisions. Some decisions can leave scars (like relationships) and some can be reversed but could take years to change (like career choices). We hear “Hey! Remember! God has a plan


Christ-Centered Friendships In my time in college, I have become friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. You get to experience so many different types of people and you get to learn so much from sitting down and having a conversation with those people. While it is important to get


Christ-Centered Dating Dating is a topic that can take up a lot of space in our minds, especially in a period of our lives like college, when we really begin to think about what lies ahead. Thoughts about our future career, lifestyle, and of course, spouse begin to drive the decisions we make during this


Be Still One of the things that makes it harder to see God and His peace is my anxiety. I am constantly trying to finish a to do list to make the gap between expectation and reality much smaller. Except that list never gets smaller and I never reach my expectations. Worry or lack of


What’s the Big Deal? You are a golden person. You look at your life and you think about the weight of the greatness of the fact that you are standing in this very spot with a chance to get an education and create a future for yourself from the simple building blocks that have been